Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue -- Ocean Avenue (2003)

Next up is Yellow Card, again a band I'm listening to for quite some time. To be exact since my early teenage years, age 13 more and less. Right now I'm not that much into the punk rock genre anymore, but some bands I still am able to enjoy a lot, especially Yellowcard (explains the post) and Rise Against (explains the blog title). The Ocean Avenue album in 2003 didn't actually blew me away, I wasn't that much into music back then so the album didn't really get the chance to do it I guess. I did have few songs of the album and the Ocean Avenue song itself is right now my favorite by the band but it didn't strike me as being that excellent at first. Two albums later all that changed though, I developed in huge a music freak in 2007 and played the new record over and over. So I was and still am a huge fan of the Paper Walls album when it came out. I guess I'm one of the few people that actually finds this album better than the Ocean Avenue one, but I did back then and I still do right now.

About the newer material I can't say that much, I have it but I really don't listen to it. Which is a shame, I know, but whenever I feel like it I put on Paper Walls and nothing else, Maybe I should change that tonight and put on When You're Trough Thinking, Say Yes or Southern Air or look for the two first albums online to add to my media library, who knows. For now it's Paper Walls while typing this, and I'm happy with it, haha. 

The song itself has an entertaining video and excellent lyrics to sing along to with good punk rock music supporting them. It really gets me nostalgic whenever I listen to music like this, it's a bit like Deftones and the harder music when I was a kid, but now for my early teenage years, the years right before I listened to Indie Rock a year or two years later in 04/05. So yes I'm not that much into it anymore but you may expect some bands like this, just because I have some history with them and I enjoy ranting about them. I'm not even sorry, haha. For now enjoy the song and go back to whatever age you were when you found out about Yellowcard.

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  1. pffff since is my fav sog of yellow card =) i remeber the old days good old days :)....