Friday, 16 November 2012

Good Shoes - Morden -- Think Before You Speak (2007)

Next up is the British band Good Shoes. Apparently they formed in a part of London called Morden, which is the song title of the video I'm posting. Not 100% sure if this little fact is right or not, but it's on the Last FM bio which often seems (and is) legit. When this album first came out I was a huge fan of the catchy and fast songs. The album always succeeded in making me feel happy, and good in general. Now few years later the album is still one of my favorites when I feel a bit down. In general I listen less to the band because the second album was kind off a disappointment. It was good but I expected so much more, and maybe too much of them. I've got it playing now though so maybe the extra plays of the record are able to change my mind. Wouldn't be the first time that I wrote an album off to early...

Now that I'm looking into them a bit more I can't help but notice that they are very inactive. No news about a possible new album, no new gigs, no updates on their site... I just hope they are still together. Even though the second album wasn't that great for me, I still feel the desire to see these lads live one day. All profiles tell "2004 - present" so I still got hope. The fact that they didn't connect on their Myspace for over a year maybe just means that that site really is dead, haha. 

Anyways enjoy the song and hopefully we'll all be able to see them live soon. Like I said the song is Morden for the simple reason that it's my favorite on the album, like usual no?

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