Sunday, 18 November 2012

Explosion In The Sky - Snow and Lights -- How Strange, Innocence (200/2005)

It seems like forever since I posted some post rock. This might just be because of my inactivity though. still let me make it up to you with one of the major bands in the genre. And for me personally the band that made me fall in love with the genre after Joy Wants Eternity introduced me to it. Explosions In The Sky is an Austin Texas based band that is producing some of the more excellent music since the end of the last century. Honestly there isn't an album they made I did not like, I can't even name a song that I dislike. For me this band is what post rock should be, and of course taste differs for everyone and there are a lot of excellent bands out there, I know all this. But for me they just are just that little bit better than the others, until now at least.

The song is from their debut album and I especially like the drumming in this one, it was amazing to see them play this song live. Although that was the case for almost every song they played. It was my first post rock concert and I was really amazed how they made some of the sounds by just hitting (not playing) their instruments. It all seemed so random, like what other rock bands would do at the end of the gig, just to produce some noise... But here it was to make the exact sounds, not noise but music. It sounded exactly as it would sound on the album and it was just unbelievable how they did it, haha. Definitely one of the best concerts I saw in my short live and one of the very few bands I would like to see as often as possible even if it would be two days in a row, I honestly wouldn't mind. Enjoy!

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