Sunday, 18 November 2012

Biffy Clyro - Bubbles -- Only Revolutions (2009)

From the one excellent live band to the other. Next up is Biffy Clyro. Very different from Explosions In The Sky but just like them a band that I would love to see as often as possible. This because of the last concert I saw of them few years back at Pukkelpop. The band played, like the first time I saw them, very well, but now this was coupled with a brilliant atmosphere! They had a small crowd that day (still don't understand why) but it was an amazing one.  

Anyways I really want to tell and even discuss something about Biffy Clyro with you guys. I know Biffy Clyro for a quite some time by now, to be more exact from the release of the Infinity Land album. I admit it's not that long but hey I was only 14 back then. So ok I wasn't a fan of them from the beginning in 1995, I was only 5 years old so seems a bit impossible. But I do know them for a few years as well.
What really frustrates me now is that a lot of people think they sold out last year (or is it two years ago already?), this frustrates me because I really don't think think that this is the case. Ok they did a mainstream thing, but so what?! The music they make didn't change that drastically over the years if you ask me. It's a bit more accessible than before maybe, but that's all.
So all they did is try to generate a bit more attention and obviously the associated money trough some TV show, which is alright if you ask me. Everyone would try to make as much money as possible, even I have adds (click them, haha) on my small blog here. So to everyone who actually think they sold out, fuck off... If you would be playing some excellent music for more and less 15 years and you still don't get the attention you deserve what would you do then? Honestly we all should be happy they are a bit more well known now,  too many bands quit in the past for the lack of attention and revenues, do you really want that this would happen to Biffy Clyro as well?

Oh well ranted enough, I chose for the song Bubbles of their latest album because all of the previous ranting, of course the music is a bit more mainstream than before, but is it any less good than the old material? I honestly think the latest albums are as good as the first ones, they all were produced by Biffy Clyro and every single one of them is good. By the way new material coming early next year, looking forward to that! Enjoy!

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