Monday, 19 November 2012

Kodaline - All I Want -- The Kodaline ep (2012)

Few weeks back I was browsing the /mu/ board on 4chan when someone started a thread about this song. About how the video coming along with this song was so beautiful. After watching it, and hearing the song for the first time, I could only agree with the poster of the thread. This is one of the best music video's I saw in my life, I really like Swing Life Away by Rise Against (obviously), as well as the video for Give It All by the same band and the video for Memory by Sugarcult to name a few. And of course there are at least 100's of other good video's I saw in my life and probably 1000's more I didn't even see. But this one really left an impression on me, not only is it an excellent music video, almost a short film I would say. The song itself is very good as well. I like the build up of the song in general as well as the vocals, which are pretty high and somewhat fragile, which I'm usually not that big of a fan of but it works for Kodaline.

Anyways besides the song with the excellent video Kodaline seems like a new band with some potential, the rest of the ep isn't as awesome as this song is, but it's OK in general. The fragile voice combined with the excellent build up in All I Want leaves me longing for more so I'm looking forward to the first complete album by this Irish band. It seems they'll bring out another ep out first though, let's hope that one will be as good as this song. Enjoy the video and song!

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