Monday, 5 November 2012

Netsky - Iron Heart -- Netsky (2010)

Next up is the first Belgian artist, about time considering I'm from Belgium. Not only is he the first Belgian artist but as well is he the first drum and bass artist I will be posting here. To be more exact Netsky produces liquid drum and bass and he's doing it very well. At age 23 Boris Daenen already made two records and he's a rising star  in the drum and bass scene, if he isn't a star already. I'm not that well known with the genre so it's hard to tell for me.

Anyways I do am able to tell that in Belgium he's really popular, especially at festivals where the stages are crowded as fuck where he plays. The song I chose is Iron Heart from his first record, the video is official but doesn't contain the full song. I do advice to download/buy both his albums. The second album came out earlier this year, and I don't know it that well yet. But what I heard of "2" sounds very good,  The first album on the other hand is one of my favorite albums, and was an excellent debut record. If you still want more then he has lots of good tracks that aren't featured on one of the albums. Since i'm not that well known with the genre or Netsky in general I'll make this a short post. Just want to add that in the future I'll be posting more Belgian artists. For now you can listen to, and hopefully enjoy, one of our biggest talents with Netsky.

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