Friday, 2 November 2012

M83 - We Own The Sky -- Saturdays = Youth (2008)

Next up on my blog is M83, for the simple reason that I'll be seeing them live tomorrow. Not to sure what to expect since I only know half of the albums. I do am some sort of fan of them, in a way that I really like to listen to it, but I do not know how it will sound live and what the atmosphere will be like. Especially in Belgium where most people don't know any good music and a lot of folks just are there to try something new, which makes the crowd often very boring. 

Maybe tomorrow will be better though, since M83 is the project of the French artist Anthony Gonzalez. Our countries are neighbors and i'm going to a venue that is in Brussels and has mostly french speaking visitors, so maybe just maybe they actually know this artist for once. Not that I know them that well, but probably I will know more than the majority of the crowd, oh well. If you wouldn't believe the Belgian crowds actually are bad... Then I can tell you out of my own experience that we are somewhat neighbors of the United Kingdom as well if you ignore the sea in between us. But the average Belgian person doesn't seem to know anything of the music coming from there, so I probably shouldn't get my hopes up too high for tomorrow. Anyways the most important is the band, if the gig itself is good I will be a happy man. For now i'd say enjoy the song, it's We Own The Sky of the Saturdays = Youth album, which is my favorite of the three albums that I know.  

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  1. enjoy baby i hope amazing show today =) te amo <3 buy my shirt xxxL hahaha te amoooooo =)