Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Deftones - Knife Party -- White Pony (2000)

Hola, first of all sorry for my absence the last ten days or something. I started working for six weeks, was sick and had problems with my electricity... If those things count as a good excuse i'm off the hook, otherwise sorry again. Not that I have any active followers that didn't know this, haha.

Today I will be posting a band from my youth. I believe I can say this although I'm only 22 years old because I'm listening to this band since age 9 or 10. Deftones was one of the first bands I really came to appreciate and that I still do appreciate. When we were kids few bands came along in our primary school class. Limp Bizkit, Korn, Linkin Park, Sum 41 and so on. Often we bought the albums as well because some other kid had them, no idea who started it though, I have to admit that I was one of the kids who jumped upon the bandwagon. Back then one of my friends had a pretty cool dad who was into this kind of hard rock or how the hell it would be defined, he had things like Sepultura, Prong and so on. Thanks to this friend and his dad I was pretty familiar with this kind of music at that age and I discovered Deftones as well, I know I had the White Pony album from that dad when I was pretty young for a week or two and I know I loved it. The first album I had off them was the Live ep though, I still consider Bored as one of the best tracks recorded live ever. When the kid lost his shoe is just epic in my opinion. 

The song I chose to post is Knife Party since it's my favorite by them, back then and now as well. Deftones is, like I said, one of the few harder bands from before I still listen to. On some nostalgic days I do put on some Korn or Sepultura, but this only happens once a year I think. Deftones I listen to more often and I will continue doing this. The video is fan made I believe, but is pretty well done if you ask me. So give him a like or a comment on youtube, enjoy!  

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