Friday, 29 March 2013

Hey Rosetta! - Young Glass -- Seeds (2011)

Tonight I'll be talking about a Canadian band. The reason for doing so is a Canadian fellow blogger and friend that made a bit of promotion for me a week or so ago. As a way of thanking her I said to give me a band, or few bands and I'd make a post about one of them. After some delay I received an ask in tumblr with a terrible message. I had to pick between Hey Rosetta! and Said The Whale. I was familiar with both bands, but I didn't listen much yet to any of the two, shame on me! Anyways after digging in the Seeds album and the Islands Disappear album I was left between the terrible choice of picking one of the two. 

In the end I decided for Hey Rosetta! and the Seeds album from '11 because of the extra spirit this record had. It's a bit faster than Said The Whale and while being late at night when writing this (I start to write and post on different times) I could use this extra energy the music gave me to keep me awake, haha. Anyways the record contains and the band in general plays indie pop/rock music. Music wise it's sounding very nice, with very catchy songs most of the time. But the vocals! The vocals are just plain awesome, remind me of Dry The River at times, or the other way around whoever you are more acquainted with, put simply: they sound alike to me in some songs. What I said before about the extra bit of energy this record has compared to the Said The Whale record has to be put in this given context. Don't expect a very fast paced record, it's still rather slow, but it has some songs with some extra pit in them like the opener with Seeds and New Sum (Nous Sommes) to name two. As well is the switch from the Downstairs song (which actually only is a build up) to the Welcome song done pretty energetic and they did it very nicely actually. Most of the time the record switches between two types of music. The a bit faster paces indie rock music and the slower indie poppy sounding songs. Personally I'm more fond of the first type of songs, simply because you really enjoy them on a first listen, while the slower ones need a few re-listens to actually start loving them. In general I'd strongly advice to check both bands out, if given the choice like now I'd say Hey Rosetta! but both bands are good. The Seeds Album of Hey Rosetta is the second full album of the band after the earlier released Into Your Lungs album and the Plan Your Escape ep. So If you like what you hear here from this six piece Canadian band there is more from them to check out!

The song was a bit easier to pick, I had again two choices for each band to pick from, and the Young Glass song by Hey Rosetta! was one of the options. At the same time this song already was my personal favorite on the record after a first listen. This stayed the same after a second and third listen so I'm quite confident I picked the right song and this time it was an easy decision, haha. Like always it's also a big plus that the video is an official one, at least I think it is. Enjoy!

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