Thursday, 28 March 2013

CHVRCHES - Recover -- Recover ep (2013)

Up next on the blog is maybe the next big thing in the electro rock scene. CHVRCHES (pronounced Churches) are a pretty alternative trio from Glasgow, Scotland. The band produces some catchy tunes combined with very fragile vocals from lead vocalist Lauren Mayberry. 

Right here I'll be talking briefly about the Recover ep which came out in the past week I think, the title song of this ep Recover didn't convince me at first listen but it's growing on me. I seem to need time to adapt to the very high vocals in the song but they definitely are growing on me. The second song ZVVL (no idea how to pronounce this one, haha) is less catchy but the combined vocals of Lauren and one of the lads (I have no clue which one) are very well done. The third song, Now Is Not The Time, is a bit of a mix of the previous two. It combines the catchy sounds of Recover and the nice sounding combined vocals of ZVVL and for this reason I'm actually really fond of the last song. As a bonus to these three tracks you get two remixes of the Recover song by Cid Rim and Curxes. Both are well done but like usual I'm the type of guy that prefers to the original. But especially the Cid Rim remix is very entertaining and worth checking out.

The song I'm picking will be the Recover song, simply because it has an official video. I'm not sure if it's my favorite song of the three but let us call it a tie between Now Is Not The Time and Recover. In general it's a good ep and the previous released singles such as The Mother We Share were good as well. So I'd say it's a trio we could be hearing a lot of in the near future. Enjoy!

Official facebook (I think)
last.fm artist page

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