Saturday, 30 March 2013

Biffy Clyro - Biblical -- Opposites (2013)

Up next is the first repost I'll be doing. Last year (already) I posted about Biffy Clyro and talked a bit about the Only Revolutions album, the band in general and how good I consider them live. I also mentioned the new material coming early this year. Right now I'm going to talk about two things, again the excellent live performance these guys delivered and the new material. 

First things first, Opposites came out late January I think and is the sixth studio album these lads delivered. At first I wasn't convinced, I felt that they again became more accessible and again got further away from the old sound. Like I explained in my older post, I'm ok with this I liked Only Revolutions and Puzzle as much as the older albums. And I could have expected that they would continue to follow the road of the previous two albums since they finally are becoming very successful with them. Nevertheless I was slightly disappointed after that first listen, I was going to see them live though in mid February so I figured I needed to give the record a few re-listens. And like so many times when you do this you start to develop a liking for the record. Every time I re-listened I discovered other songs I really started to enjoy and to be honest two months later I don't think this was a bad release at all. Yes again it's more accessible than Blackened Sky to name one of the old albums, but it's still Biffy Clyro. It's still good rock with Scottish vocals on them. I got the deluxe edition of the album so I'm not 100% sure what songs aren't on the normal album but I pretty much like everything on the record at this time and I can only advice to check it out completely if you haven't already. 

Secondly I'm gonna talk a bit about the gig, not doing much gigs anymore lately. Lack of time mostly... Only saw Biffy Clyro and Bloc Party last month and both were good. But even though Bloc Party is my favorite band, the Biffy Clyro concert was way better. They played a lot of the last three albums, which was a bit sad actually. But they played it with so much energy that you were satisfied at the end of the concert. Sure I would have liked some extra old songs, but I guess a lot of the crowd coming to their shows now only are familiar with the newer material so you can't blame them for mostly playing this song. The Opposites record got a lot of playtime as well (obviously) and I can tell that for me the songs were very enjoyable live!

The song I'm posting here will be an official video of one of the tracks, I like so many songs of the record that I'm just gonna pick the first video I get which is official, haha. And the lucky one is Biblical, one of the examples I could have given of the more accessible (mainstream I guess) sound they have since Puzzle. But at the same time one of the examples I could have given of a song you really start to like after listening a few extra times. At least I do and I hope you'll do the same, Enjoy!

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