Saturday, 8 December 2012

San Cisco - Beach -- San Cisco (2012)

Again my apologies for being absent, had a stomach infection and didn't spend much of my time before a computer. What I did do is listen to some music since I had to spend so much time in bed. Mostly things I know for a very long time and very well but some of the things that came along are somewhat new discoveries. One of these new bands is San Cisco a four piece band from Australia. I knew them a while from the Awkward EP that came out earlier this year but I didn't spend too much attention on that one. Which was wrong of me, something I noticed in my bed after some extra listens...

The reason for changing my opinion about them so drastically was the album that came out last month. Like I  said I knew them from the EP and I knew they were at least OK so it was an instant download for me. And from the first listen I was pretty amazed by the album, in a good way of course. It's some easy listening indie pop rock in my opinion (if that is even a genre, but hey everything needs some kind of label, this is mine haha). Although I felt and still feel rather sick it made me cheer up quite a lot, mostly because of the music, lyrics didn't seem that cheerful but I need to listen more closely to the album to be a 100% sure about that. Anyways the San Cisco album is definitely an entry you guys should try out. It's for me one of the better ones of this year, although I'm not that up to date anymore, so I'm sure I missed a lot (working on it), nevertheless the album is still worth a shot no? The song I chose is the opening of the album called Beach, it shows immediately the good mood of the album and the switching between female and male vocals which works good for them. Enjoy!      

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