Thursday, 22 November 2012

Radiohead - Paranoid Android -- OK Computer (1997)

Last post was about Alt-J where I mentioned they were my album of the year, well apparently they did win, at least, one prize for that album. My girl told me they won the mercury prize few days or weeks back, I have no clue about when exactly. Anyways I started browsing the prize to find some ok albums but no epic winners in the past for me. Not only where they not epic, sometimes I really couldn't understand the result. To be more exact in 1997 the winners where Roni Size and Reprazent with their New Forms album. Which is a good drum and bass album, and even a good album in general with my personal favorite Brown Paper Bag on it. But this album is nothing, and I mean literally nothing compared with the OK Computer album of Radiohead if you ask me. I mean the first of these two albums is good the second one is epic. This may be reduced to my own personal taste, but I really do think nowadays a lot of people don't even know the Reprazent project formed by Roni Size anymore. Ok partly because of the inactivity around the project with the last (really) new album dating from the late 90's or early 00's but still if this album was that good people would know it. And to be fair lots and lots of people don't. 

Anyways for me OK Computer should have been the winner in 97, at least of the few nominated albums I saw, maybe there where other excellent albums that weren't even nominated... But with their 3rd studio album they just delivered a masterpiece, and I'm not even a Radiohead fan. I honestly consider them boring at a lot of times. But yeah this album really is a gem, and not only for the musical aspect. The message Thom Yorke sends us trough the album with his unique vocals are worth listening to as well. It's not like nowadays a catchy song without meaning this album had some meaning, or at least society gave that meaning to the album.

Choosing the song was pretty easy this time, without a doubt Paranoid Android was the best song I could pick from this album. For starters has the song a fucked up but at the same time cool video, on top of this has the song so many different aspects and stages and it feels like I'm (re)discovering something new every time I listen to it. Feel free to (re)discover along with me, enjoy!

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