Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Nirvana - Polly -- Nevermind (1991)

Next up is an other band I spent some time listening to sick in bed, or like last few days working at my paper before the computer screen. Nirvana with their legendary Nevermind album. Although I consider In Utero to be equally good, and Bleach to be less good but still good enough to put on occasionally. Like a lot of people my age (born in '90) with a similar taste in music I consider it a huge shame to never be able to see them live. I mean, they only had three studio albums and still they were able to have such an impact on the music scene. Something that is even now, so many years later, noticeable. Something that shows this album is considered to be epic, at least in Belgium, is the fact they still top charts of legendary albums with this record. Year after year they are in the top 3 with this one.

Anyways this will be a rather short post, I mean what is there to tell? Everyone knows the story of Cobain, and some of you know the controversies around this story, like it looks more like murder than it looks like suicide because he had to much heroine in his body to possible shoot himself... But I guess we will never know for sure. What we do know is that we lost one of the most incredible bands of that time. Oh well at least we have Dave Grohl still giving the best of himself at Foo Fighters and some side projects. Krist Novoselic and the previous drummers on the other hand didn't produce much after Nirvana. Only one more thing to tell you guys and that is the song, it was hard to pick just one song from this album but I always liked Polly a lot, so enjoy!

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