Thursday, 13 December 2012

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart -- Substance (1988)

Next up is a band that I never really disliked but never really liked either. I always had the Unknown Pleasures album and this Love Will Tear Us Apart single from the compilation album that came out later. But I didn't listen much to them. Yesterday I decided to put it on once more, and I have to tell it's really growing on me, even made me download the (rather small) discography. I can't consider this to be a big surprise really, since I'm a rather big fan of Editors, and they often get the following description: Joy Division on speed. Mostly because of the voices of Ian and Tom though. I'm not sure which of those two voices I like best to be honest, which is a good sign since I only recently start to listen to Joy Division for real. I know I know, late, but that's often the case with me. I just have so much music on my computer... But it's nice to rediscover something I think. Anyways my apologies.

Just like the last post with Nirvana, I can't tell much about Joy Division you don't know already. It was of course the leading band of the Postpunk movement late 70s early 80s, the band formed around Manchester if I'm not mistaken. And just like Kurt Cobain at Nirvana Ian Curtis committed suicide and the world lost and excellent band. Well not entirely since New Order was founded out of the remaining members the same year as the death of Ian. But as you can guess... I really need to listen to New Order too, haha. I will soon, I promise. Well I can't tell you anything about the remaining band members out of my own experience but they had very good critics about their later work and I'm looking forward to try them out. But first some more Joy Division!

The song is like I said Love Will Tear Us Apart, since I don't have much experience with the band, so I picked their most famous song, makes some sense no? Enjoy! 

I don't think there is an official site, leave a comment if I'm mistaken. 

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