Thursday, 7 March 2013

Pixies - Debaser -- Doolittle (1989)

Long time since I've been here, didn't do much yet in 2013 music related only went to two gigs and only bought three albums yet. But I did buy some new headphones recently which made me want to listen to music a lot recently. At first I only put my Ipod on Shuffle until a track of Pixies came along. I immediately put on the Doolittle album and enjoyed every song from it. The album is for me personally the best of the band although I never listened to all of them. I know Surfer Rosa pretty well, and Bossanova partly. I have to admit that I'm not that big of a fan of the band, they have very good songs, true. But I just can't find the motivation to listen to all of the material I have on my pc/ipod. Until now I just listen to Doolittle from time to time and afterwards I move on to an other album from another band. Well now I didn't after the first listen to Doolittle I put on every song and I quite enjoyed it. Doolittle will stay my favorite for sure, but I came to enjoy the rest of the material a bit more.

Anyways I think a lot of people listening to them agree that Doolittle is the better album they produced, I mean with songs like Debaser, Here comes Your Man, Monkey Gone To Heaven and so on you have some  very good songs and you can speak of a timeless album really. It's almost 25 years ago that they released this album and I'm sure it will last another 25 years to be known as one of the better albums of that period of music history.

The song I chose for is Debaser, since the band came to my attention at a rock top 100 list of a local music television. It was around place 80 and the first song/band I never heard of and it left me quite intrigued. Not only is the song very good, the video is rather weird and I don't know it still is the first thing I think about when I hear the band or whenever I talk about them.

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