Saturday, 6 October 2012

Placebo - The Bitter End -- Sleeping With Ghosts (2003)

When I first started to develop my music addiction around 2004/2005 this album was one of the first I bought. Placebo was one of the bands I knew from before and which I liked a lot, obviously otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. That the album was at a low price, since it came out at least a year before maybe even two, was a nice bonus of course. Around that time I bought a lot of albums some of them I regret or just don't listen to anymore some of them I still love. Everything was new to me so I bought some things without listening to it first, a mistake! One I don't make anymore luckily. Anyways with Placebo I found a gem, until this day this is still my favorite album by them, probably only because it was my first but I really don't care. Sleeping with ghosts is just brilliant in my opinion except for the song something rotten, never found myself able to like that, probably as well because I didn't like it from the start...

Maybe because this album is so brilliant this blog is here, maybe without this album or this band my life wouldn't be so much about music, it isn't as freaky as it used to be, but for a few years I was really obsessed with finding new things and more and better. So I guess I should thank this band for making that album and thank the record store for having it on sale back then. 

Oh and if you were wondering, yes I'm still fond of Placebo, except for Without You I'm Nothing I have every album already and I will buy this last one eventually too. I like both the new and older material and they are amazingly good live in my opinion. So thank you Placebo and enjoy the song! I chose The Bitter End for the simple reason that I remember watching this video as a kid and developing a liking for Placebo which lead to me buying the album eventually and all the rest of what I just said. Again enjoy!

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