Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Joy Formidable - Cradle -- A Balloon Called Moaning (2009)

Up next is the band that introduced me to Post Rock, strange you might think considering they aren't anything like a Post Rock band. Well back in 2009 I really enjoyed this record by the Joy Formidable. I put it on an awful lot back then, and the album right underneath this one was the You Who Pretend To Sleep album of Joy Wants Eternity. If I listen to music I hardly search my library I just scroll and put something on so it doesn't stop after my selection is done, it just continues playing music. This was the case back then as well and I found myself listening a few times to the Joy Wants Eternity album, without me realizing at first. It sounded good as well and just seemed like a very long outro of the album I guess. Anyways that's how I got rolled into Post Rock to be honest.

Back to the Joy Formidable then, which is one of my favorite bands with female vocals. I'm not usually into this, but with this Welsh band it's a completely different story, Ritzy Bryan is just an amazing talented woman, not only musically on record but as well how she performs it live, how she is able to entertain the crowd while playing the songs I mean (whilst looking a bit crazy at times though, haha). Combine this excellent vocalist with a good drummer and bassist and you have a trio that is able to create some excellent indie rock. Which they did with this record back in '09, and later on repeated with the Big Roar that contained some new songs. Hopefully they will do the same when the next album comes out early next year. Enjoy Ritzy and the rest of her band!

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