Friday, 12 October 2012

Joy Wants Eternity - Above The Clouds Lies Eternal Sun -- You Who Pretend To Sleep (2007)

You could have guessed after me mentioning them in my previous post about The Joy Formidable that the next one would be about Joy Wants Eternity. Like I explained in that post this two bands introduced me to Post-Rock although one of them clearly isn't Post-Rock at all, but I advice to read the other post as well if you want to understand it all. 

Nowadays I don't often listen anymore to Joy Wants Eternity, not because the album isn't good or anything but I listened a bit too much to them when I first came to appreciate it I think. If you only have one album then you end up being a bit bored after re listening it over and over again, or at least I do most of the time. Back then I couldn't find the earlier EP, which has an amazing title if you ask me: Must You Smash Your Ears Before You Learn To Listen With Your Eyes. But maybe I have more luck tonight since I will be looking for both the old one and the new record that came out in may apparently. Hopefully it gets me to listen some more to this excellent band. Oh and like always I will buy the album if I see it in stores here or if I can get it at a decent price online, but I don't pay for downloads I want at least hard copies for my money, sue me... 

Anyways lets focus again after my short plea for illegal downloads, haha. The band is Texas based and produces pretty decent post-rock. Since it's been a long time I listened to the album it's hard to tell you how good they actually are, but they made me want to hear more from the genre so they can't be bad no? I remember the song From Embrace to Embrace being pretty excellent as well as the Yet Onward We Marched to be one of my favorite songs of the album. But I wanted to post one of the first two songs of the album since they made the switch between The Joy Formidable and this Post-Rock band sound so natural. So in the end it became this one, Above The Clouds Lies Eternal Sun. Which is like the complete album a very good song if you are into the genre. Or lets hope that it can inspire you to dig into the Post-Rock genre like it did with me if you are not into it the genre, anyways... Enoy!

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