Sunday, 14 October 2012

Flashguns - I Don't Not Love You -- I Don't Not Love You (2010 | single)

Next up is a band I listened to a lot the last year or two, I'm not sure when I discovered them. Not that it matters really. I do remember when I quit listening to them, it actually was when I found their first album. The day I found the album (pretty late due to university work) was the day I stopped listening to them to be honest with you. The reason for this is their split they announced right about when I found the album. The one moment I was excited of finally finding the album I've been waiting for so long, the next moment I read they announced they would split up. Never the less the band was excellent and the album probably is as well. I still have to listen to it properly, it's on my winamp player while I'm writing this post though. But really it just makes me sad that I won't ever see them live, but hey it's not the first and it won't be the last band I will have this problem with.

The song is the I Don't Not Love You track and it was released on a single with a radio edit of the song and a second track alongside it. It was not included on the later album, Passions Of A Different kind released in 2011. On the one hand I support this vision, namely: only new work on the album. On the other hand some of the earlier songs were really good and deserved to be on the record. Anyways, the track is still my favorite track by them if it's on the album or not. I really played it over and over again until the day I read the bad news. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I did, and maybe one day they'll come back together. Never loose hope!  

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