Monday, 15 October 2012

Florence + the Machine - Dog Days Are Over -- Lungs (2009 | live)

Post number 13 on my blog here, which happens to be the favorite number of one of my two main readers (Koen and Miriam). If you want to visit them you can go check their tumblr's out at: Koen and my girl. So for the first of those two I will be posting this song by Florence and the Machine, where I rarely listen to, to be frankly honest with you all. She is amazing I know that, but I'm afraid the music isn't really my cup of tea. I enjoy to listen to her occasionally but only for a few songs and then I put on something else. 

Anyways since Koen and I have different music tastes most of the time, with rarely any overlaps at all, it seemed the most logical choice to make to post this song. The reason for this is simple: we both think this is an extraordinary live video. The video is from back in 2010 where they played on Glastonbury and she gives the best of her self on the Dog Days Are Over song, she and the crowd are just amazing in my opinion and both seem to love to be there as well.

Florence Welch and the song are very well known to you all I assume and even this video has nearly two million views upon posting this. Everybody of you is aware of the Lungs album as well. So I think there is nothing more to say about the band by me, since I don't listen to often to her and her machine, and she is so well known already by everyone with a decent music taste. But I hope at least some of you people here didn't see this amazing live video yet, or well you could at least re-enjoy the video.

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  1. if my fav so far!!! but no taday im sad cuz you know U.u yesterday buahh anyway she is amazing seriosly fucking amazing !!:)