Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Austin TV - El Hombre Pánico -- Caballeros Del Albedrío (2011)

After posting for my first active reader I'll be doing the same as well for the second one today. For her I'll be posting my favorite Mexican band since she is from Mexico, If that ain't a good reason! If you were unaware of the music scene there, like I was until a few months ago... Then I have to tell you the following: Lots of good rock and music in general coming from there! But lots of the bands are singing in Spanish as well, obviously. Obvious or not this leads to me (and maybe some of you too) disliking them in the end because I have no clue what the song is about, although I'm still learning Spanish (sometimes, haha). If you can look past this issue, of not understanding the lyrics, the music itself is actually very good like I said.

Anyways with Austin TV this language problem doesn't occur, since they are mainly instrumental and are actually a very good band that leans towards Post-Rock sounds at times, which explains why they are my favorite no? This song right here doesn't lean to Post-Rock though. Never the less it is actually my favorite song by them, it's a very energetic and short instrumental song with a catchy sound, and I have to mention the song has some words in it. But even without knowing Spanish you'll be able to follow these lyrics, trust me! so the earlier arising problem with Mexican music really doesn't apply for this song and band. Oh to end, I know the costumes look crazy but you better get used to it, it seems they actually wear them live as well. Enjoy!


  1. Austin Tv is one of those bands that hook you from the beginning has that touch of theatricality in their costumes (as per follow after, mmmh i dont know seven years, is who is behind those masks) loved the first lineup early love songs, the first albums and the story behind each that hey every ep or album is a story told with the songs ..

  2. and hey I love the adrenaline and the explosion and all hambientes created in their live performances! this is definitely one of my favorite bands, it's good that you also like =) .... thanks for this post babe .. TE AMO ♥ and hey lazyyy practice spanish >.<