Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Answering Machine - Lightbulbs -- Another City Another Sorry (2009)

Up next (I know I use those two words an awful lot to start a new post) is The Answering Machine. A Manchester based band which I'm very fond of since the debut album in 2009, Another City, Another Sorry. I had that album on repeat for quite some time while studying for my exams back then and the exams actually went quite well. The album is very catchy with easy to sing a long to songs, some very good melodies and of course British accents, how can you not like that. 

The later album I don't know that well to be honest with you, but this first one is still one of my favorite albums of the last few years and maybe in general as well. I loved that album so much that I even went to a concert because they were the support act, not that the main act was bad or something (Tokyo Police Club, which was one of the better live performances I ever saw) but I wouldn't have gone to that gig if it wasn't for The Answering Machine. After the gig I had the chance to talk to them for a few minutes as well, while buying the special Animals EP, or they at least made me believe that, and the album I'm posting about. I also got a free poster that they signed when asked which is hanging to my right while typing this. Like most starting bands they were, and hopefully still are, extremely friendly and cheerful people to the folks who came to support them with buying stuff after the concert. Which makes starting bands ever so lovely. The song is one of my favorites of the album: Lightbulbs. I hope you guys enjoy!

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