Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control -- Fever To Tell (2003)

Second Yeah Yeah Yeahs post this week, simple reason for this: I didn't stop listening to them after I checked out Mosquito. As well as the sad fact that I didn't have any time to find something new. So Yeah Yeah Yeahs it was last days! This time we're going to talk briefly about the oldest album back from 2003 already, Fever To Tell of course. If you are interested in the newest album go read my post about Mosquito.

The Fever To Tell album is for me personally the best one they released, it has quite simple sounding songs often characterized by a lot of repetition in the lyrics as well as music wise, but it's magnificently done. Karen O's voice is like I said in the other post lovely, and probably the reason why I like the band so much. The music on the record is as you now great alternative rock and got some nominations, even a Grammy for best alternative music album. It features songs like Date With The Night, Maps (nominated at the MTV video music awards), Man, Cold Light, and so on... Basically everything on the record is awesome. This explains why I can't stop listening to them last few days doesn't it? And of course because It's Blitz! and Show Your Bones are quite good albums on their own as well. On the other hand I don't consider Mosquito to be equally good after a few extra listens, It's good but it's not on the level of the previous records.

The song I chose to post is of course Y Control. This track name has featured as my nickname across many platform, like I said in the Mosquito post. So it's quite obvious that I really like the song, It's not the best of the album but one of the top three for me I guess. If you would like to stalk me you have to watch out, I'm often known as alternatives too this nickname because the actual Y Control name was taken already, so you might be stalking someone else if you give it a try, haha. Anyways enjoy, next time I'll talk about something new again.

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