Monday, 1 April 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sacrilege -- Mosquito (2013)

Tonight another recent release will be the topic. The Mosquito album by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, not sure if it's actually out already or it just has leaked, but that's basically the same thing these days. I'm listening my third time to the album upon writing this and I'm not entirely convinced. I love the band, heck the Y Control song features as my gamer and nick name on a lot of platforms. But this record is pretty alternative, even experimental. I don't consider it to be bad but I don't know I miss the rock in the album. I'm not used to having to re-listen a Yeah Yeah Yeahs album to actually start liking it I guess.

The record is for Yeah Yeah Yeahs standards very slow and again experimental. It's like they completely forgot how to play indie/alternative rock. It starts of with Sacrilege and Subway, which both are very surprising songs for the band. The third song after which the album is called does remind you a bit of the older material and is a nice flashback to how you expect them to sound. Afterward the record continues in the experimental mood set in the first two tracks and sometimes you get another song like Mosquito that reminds you of the old albums, if you're lucky that is. At least you still have Karen O's vocals during the complete record, and they still sound pretty awesome if you ask me. Actually these vocals make the record a whole lot better, if it wasn't for her voice I'm not sure if I'd still like the record really. I have nothing against the musical change they are making but it's not really my type of music and I would soon give up on it. But now I know it's a Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, I love them and I love her voice so it makes me re-listen it. Not because I wanted to after the first spin but because I forced myself to do it. And to be honest the record starts growing on me, I really miss the old sound but it's actually a very decent record. Not good but like a solid 7 on 10 at the moment for me, and who knows maybe it gets a higher rating after the few extra listens.

The song is like I said Sacrilege simply because the official video of it came out earlier this week and it's a great example of the experimental direction the band has headed in. Enjoy!

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