Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Dykeenies - Clean Up Your Eyes -- Nothing Means Everything (2007)

Up now is a Scottish band I simply adore since the debut album came out. I remember I used to be a demonoid user back then and I basically downloaded everything I didn't know in the indie category. Found some brilliant bands back then! Man I really miss that site, well alternatives enough of course. The band I'm going to talk about is The Dykeenies. The album I'll be talking about is Nothing Means Everything. 

The Dykeenies are a four piece originating from Cumbernauld (seriously where the hell is this place?), Scotland. The band has two studio albums out already Nothing Means Everything from '07 and Canyon of Echoes from '11. The debut record is one of my most played records of all times and I know all the songs by heart. The second one is less good for me, decent enough to put on occasionally but nothing extraordinary, maybe it needs a few more listens though. If you never heard of them I strongly advice you to start with the debut album and in particular the Clean Up Your Eyes, Pick You Up and New Ideas songs. The record in general is characterized by fast paced indie rock with some good vocals with an not too obvious but still oh so awesome Scottish accent, seriously what accent is better than this? 

The song I'm posting for you guys tonight is the Clean Up Your Eyes song. Two reasons, it's my favorite and it has an official video. Hope you guys enjoy!  

Split up last year, so no official or active site/profile anymore. =/
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