Monday, 11 March 2013

Germany Germany - Take Me Home -- Adventures (2011)

Today I'll be talking about a very active Canadian music project. Germany Germany is an independent music project by Drew Harris and this guy is making a lot of records last few years. Stick with me. 2010: Radiowave & Last Summer, 2011: Radiowave II & Adventures 2012: Blank Mind Empty Heart and last but not least 2013: Last Summer II. I'm only familiar with the two 2011 albums which are both pretty good. My favorite of the two is Adventures and will be the album I'll be talking about a little today. 

The record contains 17 tracks and manages to keep me personally entertained for the total duration of the record, which is more and less an hour. The genre of the album is something between electronic/indietronica & Chillwave. Because of this the tracks contain a high amount of repetition of music and lyrics, if there are any lyrics at all. As well do the songs sound a bit simplistic at times, not that I could manage to produce them myself. But yes some songs are characterized by a sample on repeat with sounds mixed trough (and some vocals at times). Which doesn't mean it isn't a great record, at all times he manages to produce good tracks using this method, and I absolutely love the record. I don't often listen to music like this, so maybe my views on the album are wrong. Best thing to do is to check the artist/album out for yourself and form your own opinion about him/it.

The song I took from the album is Take Me home, because it has an official video, which is like always a big plus. Not only is it official it's actually pretty good, nothing extraordinary but yes good. Last but not least it's my favorite track on the record (like usual) and I think it was the first track by Germany Germany I came across, not 100% sure though. Anyways enjoy!

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