Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bon Iver - Blood Bank -- Blood Bank ep (2009)

Today I'll be talking about an indie folk band from good old America, Wisconsin to be more exact. Bon Iver (where Iver is pronounced as the french word for winter hiver) is an award winning artist for best alternative album and best new artist recently, although they are already producing music for quite some time. I'm not gonna talk about one of the two full length albums  that came out yet, For Emma Forever Ago (2007/2008) and the self titled one (2011). Instead I'll be talking about my favorite release of the band which is a short 4 tracks ep that came out in 2009 and is a bit less well known than both the albums.

The blood bank ep contains 4 track including my favorite of the band and the one they named the ep after, Blood Bank. As well as a very alternative track Woods (go check it out to know what I mean). Besides these two it contains two very decent indie folk easy to listen to tracks that make you, or at least me, feel good and cheerful. 

Why Bon Iver today, well last night I listened to my music on shuffle and I came along Volcano Choir  which is one of the many other projects of talented singer-songwriter Justin Vernon (Vocals of Bon Iver of course). Which lead to the urge to listen to Bon Iver in general and more specifically the Blood Bank ep. I think the best thing of this ep for me personally is the length of it. Don't get me wrong I like the music I like Bon Iver, Volcano Choir and some of the other projects. But after a few songs I'm starting to get a bit bored so for me it becomes a drag to finish the albums. A problem you don't have when the ep only contains four tracks. Never the less if you are not familiar with anything named in this post go check it out. If you like Bon Iver you'll probably like Volcano Choir, if you like one release you'll probably like the other releases as well...

The song is like I said Blood Bank, special about the video is that it's a live video, not the greatest quality but decent enough to beat a video of the track with a picture on the background! So enjoy!

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  1. damn BON IVER i guess my fav post in a lot of time here hahah i love For Emma Forever Ago and of course Blood Bank i guess is other signal for loving you more hahahaha and mehh you're right you get bored after a while with his songs btw amazing post babe :)