Wednesday, 13 March 2013

System of a Down - Hypnotize -- Hypnotize (2005)

Again a post about a band I used to listen to when I was younger, like the post about Deftones this band is a bit harder than the material I usually listen to now. System of a Down have produced some good albums in the past like Toxicity and Steal This Album!, I honestly never heard the debut record before and the Mesmerize album is a bit of a shit album for me. The album I'll be talking about a bit today is the Hypnotize album, again one of the good albums and the only one I actually bought in the past, planning to buy Toxicity one day though. 

Basically I bought the album when I was younger for the title song. Obviously I'm putting this song in this post as well then. The Hypnotize song is among the legendary Chop Suey my favorite song by the band. I guess this is because it's a bit softer than the other material and back when the album came out I was switching from harder rock to indie rock. The rest of the album was certainly good like Tentative or Stealing Society, but this one song stands out for me. Basically whenever I listen to this band now it's just the few songs that really stand out for me like Hypnotize, Chop Suey, Toxicity... I rarely put on an album of them anymore, except for right now because I'm writing a post about it of course. 

Why would I write a post about a band I don't listen to anymore then? Well I made a deal with Koen, if I posted SOAD, he'd promote my blog to everyone he knows. So I did my part of the deal, I'm waiting for my promotion, haha. Anyways I mentioned the song i'm posting before so nothing more for me to say, simply enjoy!

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