Sunday, 10 March 2013

Followed By Ghosts - Beards Of The Patriarchs -- Still Here (2011)

Post Rock post? Post Rock post! Today I'll be writing about a band originating from the states, Iowa to be more exact. Followed By Ghosts is a band with a lot of energy in their music and one of my personal favorites in the genre. The album the song is taken from is "Still here" and it dates from 2011 and is the third studio album produced by the band. The album contains rather short powerful tracks with for me personally some of the better (sorry for repeating myself) Post Rock music I came across last years. Their sound reminds me a lot of Explosions in the Sky among other Post-Rock artists. Lets face it most Post-Rock music sounds somewhat alike, but then again if you like one band you find yourself liking a lot of them.  

I don't know much more about this band that I can tell you guys. Only thing left for me to tell you is the name of the song. The song is called Beards Of The Patriarchs and is the third song of the record. I chose it for the power behind the track and because it's the only(I think) track were you actual hear somebody scream (so yes they have vocals, haha). Enjoy!

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