Sunday, 30 September 2012

Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth -- Star Of Love (2010)

Time for something different now, Crystal Fighters. Don't know really how to describe them, it's a mix of lots of elements if you ask me. A bit of indie, very dance-able electro, and even a little bit of dubstep on this album... Anyways I can tell you it's an album I came to enjoy a lot last year(s). Right after the release it didn't hit me at all, but now I do put it on occasionally and even sing and dance along to it, there is no footage of this at all, be happy...

The song Xtatic Truth is one of the few songs I liked from the release of the album, along with Solar System and Plage. I like how the song builds up and the general "vibe" this song has, how it's dance-able with very simple lyrics and in the end has some sort of message with the repeating of the chorus:
We were born to be alone
Everybody all alone
Born alone to be alone
We'll stand alone forever
Standing on the world alone
Learning how to stand alone
And always to be alone
We'll be alone forever
I do not agree with what they say, but I do like to sing along to this part of the song. Anyways because it's one of the three songs I liked from the start it seems only reasonable to post this for people who didn't listen to them yet and for the ones who did the song is still very enjoyable, so enjoy!

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