Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bloc Party - Octopus -- Four (2012)

Next up on my blog is my all time favorite band. Right from the beginning they started I loved Bloc Party, now 8 years or something later I still love them. Every new album was different for me, and every time it was difficult to fall in love with it because of these differences. Whenever an album came out I was hoping for more of the older material and of course I ended up slightly disappointed every  single time after listening to the new material. But you, or at least I, have to give it to Bloc Party. Until now they always make albums that sound different than the previous ones, and yet they all end up being excellent if you give them a few listens.

Their latest album four is still fairly new for me since my lack of time and access to internet the last few months. So I have to admit I'm still finding it difficult to like it as much as the previous three albums (Intimacy / A Weekend In The City / Silent Alarm). Never the less Octopus was the most like-able song from the start and some others are starting to stand out for me. So I'm only a few listens away of putting this album with my all time favorites as well. Yes I have a (very) weak spot for Bloc Party and they'll come along few times more on this blog. I'm sorry, but this band is what started my music addiction and is basically the root of all my blogging the last years, yes blame them!

Anyways on a serious note, the song is Octopus and I really like the video so give it a try if you didn't see or hear it before. Enjoy!

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