Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Balmorhea - Truth -- All Is Wild, All Is Silent (2009)

To start off my new music blog I'll be posting one of my personal favorites for the last few weeks. I still have to thank my friend Koen for this one, without him I would be unaware of this band. Balmorhea (2006-present) is an Austin Texas based band with an post-rock label on them, but if you ask me they are more than just post-rock. They mix influences and elements from classical music to rock in general. Which eventually leads to a post-rockish type of music. But again like I said it's more than just that, to fully understand what I'm saying I'd advice you to listen to the video above since I can't explain it really, I'm sorry for my incapability.

The All Is Wild, All Is Silent album is the third studio album they delivered (back in 2009) and is if you ask me a masterpiece from the first song to the last, the opening with Settler sets the tone for an excellent album that never bores you. So it's definitely worth to check this album out if you find any spare time in your busy lives! The song I'm posting is Truth and was the first song I heard by them. It made me immediately fall in love with the band and look for more. I'm hoping the song has the same effect on some of you guys!

If you like what you hear, the older albums are worth checking too. And if you can wait a few extra days the Stranger album is coming out in October and you can listen to it and pre-order it from their official site that I will give a link to right at the bottom of the post.


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  1. i think Balmorhea was one of those bands that caught me from the beginning I must thank you for the excellent recommendation!! TAM ♥