Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Here we go again

Another fresh start in my blogging life, and yet another music blog. On this blog I will be posting anything I like, going from indie to post rock. Going from electro to (some) dubstep. Basically anything can come along as long as I myself like it. The goal in it for me is in the first place to enjoy myself while I'm working with music, and secondly make some of the more unknown bands a bit more known to the world wide web, or at least the few active readers I'll have. To do this I will be posting mostly YouTube video's and audio files if it's allowed here on Blogger. If I find the time I'll be posting pictures of my own collection and album reviews.

If you have any recommendations of bands that didn't come along yet, feel free to share them with me, I'm open to listen to new music! If I like what I hear I will post it on my blog as well. So again feel free to share any unknown or obscure music you have or even your own band... I'm open to anything. Well as long as it's my type of music, don't give me stuff of an American pop star who can barely sing and only became famous because he or she has a killer body and good management around him/her. It always kills me to know these people are famous and some awesome bands I used to listen to and sometimes still listen to quit playing music because of the lack of radio airtime and overall media attention. Anyways I'm ranting, long story short: feel free to share music you think I will like, but don't expect me to like anything is basically what I'm trying to say.

Since I'm new to this I'm still puzzled on how everything works, but any attention is good attention. If it's in the form of likes, follows, reblogs (yes I have tumblr experience) or in any other form possible on Blogger. Thank you!

Cya soon.

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