Friday, 28 September 2012

65daysofstatic - Radio Protector -- One Time For All Time (2005)

Back again with more post rock music, now one of the most amazing bands live and with one of the best tracks on any album. I'm talking about 65daysofstatic of course! (but you knew that already from the title I assume)

Seriously this song above is one of my favorite tracks of all time, it's hard to make a top 10/50 or whatever list because my taste changes so quickly on a day to day basis. But this one right here would always be in it for sure. The intro with the piano build up is just amazing and how this is repeated a second time later on in the song is actually too good to be true. But how the song "explodes"  after the second build up and just keeps going faster and faster is one of the best moments out of my music collection. And actually pretty awesome to play on audiosurf, insanely difficult though...

About the album, One Time For All Time, I actually can't tell that much, when I started listening to this band they had few albums out already and I downloaded all that I could find (recently bought the first album I saw in Belgium stores immediately when I found it, so don't judge me). Anyways because of this I never listened to their albums alone. Or I put all the tracks I had on shuffle or I listen to all of them in a row not knowing which belongs to which album etc. and I'm still doing this as well with the more recent stuff. About the band I can tell you what I said before, they are amazing live and well I do am able to tell that all the albums are pretty amazing, since I do like everything I hear when I'm shuffling them. Enough ranting from me, just enjoy!

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