Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down - Don't You Fake It (2006)

Nostalgia on the blog right now, I am listening to a band that I haven't listened to in years. But a band I used to love a lot after their debut album Don't You Fake It. I gave up on The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus with the follow up album Lonely Road though. Mainly because my taste in music had changed between 2006 and 2008 but partly because the album was a huge disappointment for me as well.

The debut album by the band is by far the most known album I think, and for me by far the best album they produced. The record is in the emo rock sphere and contains hit songs like Face Down, Your Guardian Angel and False pretense. The music is characterized by pop punk rock (or something in between these three) with fast and simple sounding riffs, and choruses easy enough to sing along to. It's easy to start to like the record if you are a fan of the genre and bands like Story of the Yeah, Escape the Fate, Anberlin, stuff like that. For me it's still a good record since I have some history with it while I was a teenager, but if it came out now I'd probably pay little to no attention to it. In general I'd still advice to listen to the album if you have a soft spot for the genre, like I do because of my past. If not, you better ignore this post you'll not like the band, haha. 

The song I'm posting is the most famous song they produced, Face Down of course. It isn't my favorite song by the band, which probably will be Your Guardian Angel or Grim Goodbye. But if I think about the band the first song that comes to mind is the Face Down song, since it was the one that got them famous for a short time back then. Enjoy!

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