Sunday, 24 March 2013

Wolfmother - Vagabond -- Wolfmother (2005)

Up next is the Aussie hard rock/alternative rock band Wolfmother. The band is active since 2000 and had it's peak around 2005 with the release of the self titled debut album. After this first very good record it pretty much only went downwards with them, lot of changes in the line up of the band and a disappointing second album (Cosmic Egg) caused me to stop listening to them. Last few days Koen (visit his tumblr) discovered them at last, and I sort of rediscovered how good the debut record was because of this. The band is still active although from the original line up only Andrew Stockdale (vocals) is part of the band still. And the activity I speak of isn't much it seems, but yes there still are gigs occasionally.

The album is like I mentioned very good it has some hit songs on it like Woman, Apple Tree, Joker & the Thief and my personal favorite Vagabond. The band combines very catchy rock with very good vocals. Because of this type of music and this record is particular they received quite a few awards, and they really were a hype in Australia and an upcoming band in the rest of the world I'd say. For this reason it's an even bigger shame that they didn't fulfill the high expectations with the follow up record. But I guess this is partly because of the earlier mentioned ever changing line up, and maybe my changing taste in music over the years.    

Nevertheless this record is one of my favorite hard(er) rock albums and it feels really good to re-listen it after so long. The song I chose is Vagabond because I absolutely loved it in the 500 days of summer movie. Enjoy!

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