Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Twin Atlantic - What Is Light? Where is Laughter? -- Vivarium (2009)

Right now I'll be posting Twin Atlantic, again an hard(er) rock band, I'm really into the harder material of my library last few days... This time the band is from Scotland, Glasgow to be more exact. They have two albums out already and one ep, the album I'll be talking a bit about right now will be the first one, Vivarium back from 2009 already. The album is short (only containing 8 tracks) but oh so powerful. It's starts off with Lightspeed and it immediately sets the tone for an album full of energy. It never really slows down except for the quite slow Better Wheater outro song.

The music this band creates is quite good if you ask me, but what makes them stand out for me personally are the vocals. The Scottish accent is simply brilliant as well does Sam Mctrusty his voice itself suit the music very well. The record never slows down like I said and if you are new to them I'd advice to check out the song that I'm posting: What Is Light? Where Is Laughter? as well as Lightspeed and You're Turning Into John Wayne songs (which both were singles supporting the album). The second album, Free, is a bit slower but at times they grab back to the energy of the previous material and the vocals still are catchy as fuck and it's definitely worth listening to as well. For me personally Vivarium is slightly better though so i'd advice to check that one out first.

I'm posting What Is Light? Where Is Laughter? and I do this for several reasons. First of all it was the second song I knew by these guys after Lightspeed, secondly it has an official video, thirdly is for this video of them. It's a gig by them at Pukkelpop back in 2010 where Sam falls down (45sec) but just keeps playing like noting has happened which is pretty epic in my opinion. Last but not least this song acts as the title of one of my blogs. To be more exact this one: Where Is Laughter? which is a shared tumblr blog with the earlier mentioned Koen where we basically post anything we consider funny. Anyways enough ranting for today, enjoy the song!

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