Saturday, 16 March 2013

Kings of Convenience - Boat Behind -- Declaration of Dependence (2009)

Right now I'll be posting a band for Miri, who's been promoting me pretty nicely lately so thanks my love. It took some time to find the band to post about, Alabama Shakes & Bat For Lashes were close to winning the pledge. But in the end we decided on this Norwegian duo. Kings of Convenience is a music project that took me a very long time to like. But now I'm pretty fond of the soft acoustic indie pop/rock tunes they produce combined with some nice vocals of both of them. The album I'll be posting about here is the third studio album they brought out and it dates from 2009 already.  They are actually quite lazy, haha. Only brought out 3 albums from '99 until now. But, I guess, quality is more  important than quantity and it's certainly the case with these two.

The Declaration of Dependence album was the first one I started to like by them, right now I do like all three of them but this one stays my number one. I especially like the first few tracks on the record like 24-25, Mrs Cold and Boat Behind. The rest of the record is quit good but for me it's honestly more of the same so I often skip to another band after a few songs. But whenever I finish the record I don't regret any second of it! Like the band in general it's characterized by soft indie pop rock. If you're not really into this you might find them boring like I did at first. A few re-listens might overcome this issue though, at least it did for me. If you actually do like this kind of music you will really enjoy them a lot and you probably know them already.

The song I'm posting is Boat Behind, first choice would have been 24-25 but no official video available so this is slightly better then. It also is the first song I really started to like from the band which always is an extra reason to post a song for me. I assume most people know them already so I'm gonna stop here, just enjoy!

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  1. de nada! :) .. haha yep im really hard for choose one band XD im sorry for this ... KOC meh i love this guys a loooooot you know this and 24 -25 is my fav song .. and yep is more of the same but still good :p thanks for the post my love te amo <33