Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Today I wont be talking about a specific band, song or album. Well not right now maybe later this evening or tonight I will. But for right now I'll be talking about a platform to find out about new music releases. As well as from new upcoming bands as for bands you already know for years. I'm not saying this website has a complete library of everything new in the music industry but it has a very large one, especially for entry level users. 

The site is like mentioned in the title newalbumreleases.net it is divided in different categories and I'm only very well acquainted with the Indie category so I'm not sure if it's as good for the other genres as well, it does seem decent for folk as well though. But for people listening to the type of music coming along on this blog it's pretty excellent. If you go look at the category you get the latest releases sorted by date, note that some albums are leaked before the official release date and might be added to the site sooner. Every album is uploaded with its own cover aswell with the details like artist, album title, actual genre, size, format... If you open the actual album you might be interested in you get the same information, plus the tracklist, downloadlinks (that often only work a few days), and a sample video if available (but I think it's always there.) 

Combine this website with youtube and anything to buy or download music from you have an excellent platform to discover yourself some new music and keep track of releases of bands you already now. That's pretty much it, and I hope for the people new to the site they might enjoy it like I do. 


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